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The NextGen Orthopedic Cast
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OrthoHeal Pvt. Ltd.

OrthoHeal is a medtech start-up formed by a team of dynamic and passionate young entrepreneurs. We provide unique healthcare solutions with best quality products with groundbreaking design and real-life advantages. Our team aims to strike a perfect balance between great aesthetics and practical applications. We specialize in orthopedics with a clear vision to satisfy unmet needs in healthcare industry. Our products make lives for patients and doctors easier.

As our first step towards achieving this vision, we have come up with a product which is going to revolutionize the healing experience of patients suffering from bone fractures. FlexiOH™ is our first of its kind orthopedic cast which is going to address the three main issues which are found with the conventional casts – lack of breathability, non-washability, and cumbersome weight. FlexiOH™ is designed by keeping in mind the patient comfort and ensuring effortless day to day activities. It is washable, breathable and lightweight, giving ultimate comfort during bone healing.

OrthoHeal is also a fully-integrated, technologically advanced company. We at OrthoHeal take prioritize patient needs and utilize all the technology and knowledge to achieve it, making us the “patient-first” company. Our goal is to craft products with quality, comfort, and convenience. Focused on expertly managing specialized assets, OrthoHeal cultivates work environment that breeds constant innovation and pursues uncompromising quality benefiting patients and doctors alike.

OrthoHeal has been recognized nationally and internationally by several granting and funding agencies.

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