Frequently Asked Questions

FlexiOH™ is the first of its kind, breathable and washable Orthopedic cast. The sole aim of FlexiOH™ is to provide a comfortable healing experience for fractured bones without restricting routine activities. Its hassle free application and removal makes FlexiOH™ a prominent choice for orthopedicians as well as patients. FlexiOH™ is developed to minimize complications associated with bone immobilization therapy.

Currently we are evaluating FlexiOH™ in pilot scale cohort of patients. FlexiOH™ for Short arm cast for adults will be available in early 2018.

Initially, FlexiOH™ will be available in India only. We are exploring market in other countries as well. To know current status about your country feel free to contact us.

For Patient:
Freedom to wash cast
Better skin comfort
Lighter cast

For Docs:
Easy application and removal
No chances of cast-saw injury
Easy monitoring of swelling in fractured part

FlexiOH™ is a bone immobilization device and its facilitates the bone healing process. However, the duration of bone immobilization therapy would be same as of conventional cast i.e fiberglass or PoP cast. Duration for bone healing may vary from person to person and based on different factors i.e severity of fracture, age of patient, etc.

The Short arm cast will be available in three different variants such as small, medium, large. As FlexiOH™ is elastic, it adapts shape and size of hand by stretching. Before application of FlexiOH™, healthcare professional will choose appropriate size and ensure its fitting.

Washable foam is provided inner side of FlexiOH™ and a simple wash with water while bathing is sufficient enough to wash the cast.

It depends on the tightness of the cast. Usual patches may be seen on the skin due to tanning effect and that will be disappear after a couple of days.

FlexiOH™ can be used for bone immobilization therapy ranging from short term to long term immobilization. Its use in sprain can be recommended as per guidance of an orthopedician.

FlexiOH™ materials has been tested for Skin safety as per regulatory guidelines.

It is recommended to align the bone before peeling off the black film layer. Once the setting starts, it is strictly advised not to touch the cast and allow it to harden completely.

FlexiOH™ is designed with such aim that does not require any trimming or adjustment once cast is applied.

It is recommended that first let the injured area get heal and then apply the cast.

In case of mild to moderate swelling, Swelling can be adjusted by Foam layer. In case of edema after application of FlexiOH™ , it is advised to immediately contact doctor and take remedial measures. In case of acute swelling, we advise to apply temporary splint followed by FlexiOH™ when swelling reduced.

Since each cast is custom fit to patient’s hand, it cannot be reused once it’s hardened.

The material holding the cast is stretchable and is made up of silicon rubber . during quality check at time of manufacturing, we make sure that all FlexiOH™ are leak free. Although if any resin material is leaking from FlexiOH™, we strongly advise not to use FlexiOH™.