FlexiOH™ - The Next Gen Orthopedic Cast

FlexiOH® Splint or Slabs

FlexiOH Splint or Slab

Intended Use Of
FlexiOH® Splint or Slab

  • In case of Emergency immobilization
  • Acute swelling of fractured / injured limb / joint
  • Pre-operative stabilization
  • Post-operative support after surgery
  • Ligament sprain / soft tissue injury
  • Support during rehabilitation

FlexiOH® Splints / Slabs are designed for immobilization in the pre-operative, post-operative and rehabilitation period. Unlike conventional cast, FlexiOH® splint /slab is ready to apply for immobilization. FlexiOH® Splint / Slab is designed in such a way that patient can remove or apply with one hand during rehabilitation. FlexiOH® has an in-built soft hook and loop fastener that secures splint over limb which is very comfortable for skin contact. With unique FlexiOH® Technology, this splint gives better patient comfort along with breath-ability and wash-ability. Compared to POP slabs, FlexiOH® Splint / Slab is quite lighter in weight. For application of FlexiOH® Splint / Slab, doctors need to apply it on the patient’s hand with the soft hook and loop fastener and then cure it with the Rizycure® light device for 3-4 mins. Once it is 100% cured, it will take the shape of the patient’s hand for support during rehabilitation.

FlexiOH® Splints / Slabs are available in different sizes : 3 in X 10 in, 3 in X 12 in, 3 in X 15 in, 4 in X 12 in, 4 in X 15 in, 4 in X 18 in, 5 in X 12 in, 5 in X 15 in and 5 in X 18 in. All the Splints / Slabs vary in terms of length and width.


Materials: Silicon rubber (USP IV), Light curable resin and Biocompatible foam cushioning with skin soft hook and loop fastener
Weight: ~200 gms / ~7.5 Oz
Light Range: RizyCure® Light Device or Direct sunlight
Tensile Strength ~1.25 kN
Compression Strength ~3.25 kN


Width Vs. Length 10 inch (L) 12 inch (L) 15 inch (L) 18 inch (L)
3 inches (W) 3 in X 10 in 3 in X 12 in 3 in X 15 in
4 inches (W) 4 in X 12 in 4 in X 15 in 4 in X 18 in
5 inches (W) 5 in X 12 in 5 in X 15 in 5 in X 18 in

Here is some videos of demonstration about FlexiOH® technology, review of doctor and patient as well.