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FlexiOH™ - The Next Gen Orthopedic Cast


FlexiOH™ is the first of its kind- an orthopedic cast that has the rigidity to hold the fractured part as well as ensuring proper skin ventilation. FlexiOH™ comes as an easy to fix wearable material on the fractured part. After wearing, light treatment completes the curing process and makes the FlexiOH™ cast rigid. This process is quick and hardly takes 10 minutes. After a course of therapy, FlexiOH™ can be removed without the use of any other external cast cutter or spreader.

The design and the material of FlexiOH™ are engineered to provide superior comfort to the patient.

A foam, which is in contact with the skin, is bio-compatible (ISO 10993-10 certified) and provides cushioning against the hardened polymer. The cast is so designed that the intermittent hollow spaces facilitate circulation of air and evaporation of sweat or water from the skin surface.

Radiolucency of FlexiOH™ short arm cast shows that it does not interfere with the radio logical imaging and diagnosis.

FlexiOH orthopedic cast

Radiolucency of FlexiOH™ short arm cast


FlexiOH™ provides these robust solutions for major issues related to conventional casts :

Application of FlexiOH™ Cast

To apply FlexiOH™ Short Hand Immobilizer follow the steps shown below :

FlexiOH application Step 1

Step – 1 : Choose the appropriate size from given chart

FlexiOH application Step 2

Step – 2 : Apply cushioning to thumb to give extra comfort to pressure points

FlexiOH application Step 3

Step – 3 : Place cast over the fractured hand anchoring thumb

OrthoHeal FlexiOH application Step 4

Step – 4 : Lock the zip by placing insertion pin into retainer box

OrthoHeal FlexiOH application Step 5

Step – 5 : Pull the puller of the zip to the end

OrthoHeal FlexiOH application Step 6

Step – 6 : As cast adapts to the shape of hand, start reduction process

OrthoHeal FlexiOH application Step 7

Step – 7 : Take fully charge RizyCure™ Light Device

OrthoHeal FlexiOH application Step 8

Step – 8 : Start curing around the thumb to give initial support to the broken bone

OrthoHeal FlexiOH application Step 9

Step – 9 : Expose 3-4 mins thoroughly and check every corner until harden

FlexiOH™ provide ~40-50 % open area of skin to breathe, wash, and exposure to sunlight which all are necessary to maintain healthy skin.

OrthoHeal FlexiOH application benefits

Benefit – 1 : Patient will be able to bathe as it is completely washable

OrthoHeal FlexiOH application benefits

Benefits – 2 : Enabling washability facilitates to flush out any debris or dirt

Easy Removal Process

OrthoHeal FlexiOH removal process Step 1

Removal Step – 1 : It’s very simple, just unlock the zip

OrthoHeal FlexiOH removal process Step 2

Removal Step – 2 : Apply little force and pull out hand from the cast

Variants Of FlexiOH™ Technology

Short Arm Cast/ Splint

OrthoHeal FlexiOH short arm cast or splint

Intended Use Of
FlexiOH™ short arm cast or Splint

  • Non-displaced /
    minimally displaced /
    Buckle fracture of distal radius fracture
  • minimally displaced / Buckle fracture of distal radius fracture
  • Carpal bone fracture other than Scaphoid / Trapezium
  • As a removable splint during rehabilitation

FlexiOH™ short arm cast comes in 3 different sizes : Small (S), Medium (M) and Large(L). All the casts vary in terms of palm circumference, wrist circumference, and arm circumference. For the best fit of FlexiOH™ Short Arm Cast, taking the measurement of patient’s hand is necessary before application.


Materials: Silicon rubber (USP IV), Light curable resin and
Bio compatible foam cushioning
Weight: ~300 gms / ~10.5 Oz
Light Range: RizyCure™ Light System or Direct sunlight
Tensile Strength ~1.25 kN
Compression Strength ~3.25 kN


Size vs Measurement
(Short Arm Cast)
Palm Circumference: 175 mm 190 mm 215 mm
Wrist Circumference: 160 mm 170 mm 190 mm
Arm Circumference: 215 mm 235 mm 285 mm
FlexiOH™ Cast Length: 255 mm 305 mm 355 mm

Splint or Slabs

FlexiOH Splint or Slab

Intended Use Of
FlexiOH™ Splint or Slab

  • Acute swelling of fractured / injured limb / joint
  • Pre-operative stabilization
  • Post-operative support after surgery
  • Ligament sprain / soft tissue injury
  • Support during rehabilitation

FlexiOH™ Splints / Slabs are designed for immobilization in the pre-operative, post-operative and rehabilitation period. Unlike conventional cast, FlexiOH™ splint /slab is ready to apply for immobilization. FlexiOH™ Splint / Slab is designed in such a way that patient can remove or apply with one hand during rehabilitation. FlexiOH™ has an in-built soft hook and loop fastener that secures splint over limb which is very comfortable for skin contact. With unique FlexiOH™ Technology, this splint gives better patient comfort along with breathability and washability. Compared to POP slabs, FlexiOH™ Splint / Slab is quite lighter in weight. For application of FlexiOH™ Splint / Slab, doctors need to apply it on the patient’s hand with the soft hook and loop fastener and then cure it with the Rizycure™ light device for 3-4 mins. Once it is 100% cured, it will take the shape of the patient’s hand for support during rehabilitation.

FlexiOH™ Splints / Slabs are available in three different sizes : 3 in X 10 in, 3 in X 12 in and 4 in X 15 in. All the Splints / Slabs vary in terms of length and width.


Materials: Silicon rubber (USP IV), Light curable resin and
Bio compatible foam cushioning with
skin soft hook and loop fastener
Weight: ~200 gms / ~7.5 Oz
Light Range: RizyCure™ Light Device or Direct sunlight
Tensile Strength ~1.25 kN
Compression Strength ~3.25 kN


3 in X 10 in
3 in X 12 in
4 in X 15 in

Latest detailed demonstration about FlexiOH™ technology has been performed in this demo video


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